Fukuoka Camps

      Duncan - Does anyone have an interest in the following camps: 1.Tandjong Priok, Java. 2.Motoyama, Japan; Zentsuji Japan; Miyata (Fukuoka 9) Japan.

      My father, Capt A.A.Duncan,Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders was a guest of the Emporer in each of these camps. I have his diaries and archive and I would like to hear from others with an interest.

      RBrooker - Hi, My grandfather was held in Camp 6, Fukuoka, but I'm afraid I don't know the Camp'name'. What I do now is that a number of others in the camp were from Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, and that my grandfather was with a small group of 2 officers and 12 men from A&SH who trecked about all over Java, inc Kuala Lumpur, before finaly being captured. I'm not sure if this is the same camp as your Father was held in...but at least we share something of a common history! Do get in touch. Richard

      GeoDuffy - I arrived at Tandjong Priok on 6 November 1942 and remained there until camp was closed on 19 April 1943, and I cannot recall any Argyles being there. I would like to know if Captain Duncan's journals show the dates he was there.

      RBrooker - I'm researching my Grandfathers war history - looking for information on his regiment's activities in Java, and their life in Camp #6 Fukuoka, Japan. His name was Wilson David Thomas (Tommy) 1119334. Of the 100 men held in camp #6, 98 survived and were, apparently repatriated. The two that died were my grandfather and his best friend - . My Mother never met her father, and my widowed grandmother, married for just over a year, never got over her grief. I do also know a bit more - but too much to type here! Do you know anyone else from Camp 6 - esp. from Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders? or about the activities of the 137 Field Regt. RA. Did you survive Camp 6? Please get in touch

      Geoff - Can anyone help me?
      I'm trying to find out about my fathers time as a POW. He was taken prisoner at Java and taken to Japan to work in the mines. He died thirty years ago and never talked about his time as a prisoner because it was too upsetting for him.
      Can anyone tell me how to start my search?
      His name: Thomas Frank Schofield.
      My Mother who passed on two years ago told me that he had a friend called Owen Standish who didn't survive and I'd like to know about him also.

      Ron - Try Jack Symon’s book ‘Hell in Five’ some of the pages are on the Mines at Fukuoka, the full book is on the web site.

      Meg Parkes - >Capt. George Duffy, My father, Capt A A Duncan, A&SH, left Tandjong Priok on a shipment for Japan (via Singapore) on about 28 October 1942 which is why you would not have met.

      Please contact, I'd be interested to learn of your experiences at Tandjong Priok.

      My book Notify Alec Rattray... is now published and covers Dad's early captivity in Java see www.kranji.co.uk

      GeoDuffy -To learn how I came to Java, go to http://www.usmm.org which is an unofficial United States Merchant Marine site. Scroll past flag on opening page just a short distance to my window. Click on, but don't bother to read article, Scroll to its end for titles of about a dozen stories. Read

      The Dreadful Saga of the AMERICAN LEADER ... FIRST, and the others will then make more sense.

      JONATHANMOFFATT - >Rbrooker, I have a list of some 70 Argylls who were POWs in Japan but unfortunately don't know which camps. A very few are still alive and I may be able to lay hands on an address or two. I'm interested in the mention of 2 officers and 12 men of 2A&SH at Fukuoka 6. Have you the names of any of these?

      Bryon Horton - b.horton@cqu.edu.au

      I am researching Fukuoka 17, Omuta, Japan.
      The RAOC/RASC survivors of "A" Battalion,plus others formed a 456 work Battalion departing Non Pladuk 2 late May 1944.Travelled on Hioki Maru to Moji, convoy attacked by USS Tang (Capt o'Kane) off coast of Japan.
      At Moji, 150 RAOC/RASC group,plus another 50 ( including some 2/6 East Surrey) were seperated and sent to Fukuoka 17, Omuta, working in the Mitsui zinc foundry.
      This camp was one of the worse camps in Japan, with the British, Australian, Dutch and some of the Americans, opposing the dual threat of the Japanese and the American "mafia" which controlled the kitchen
      and food. Four Japanese were executed and one American officer court martialed after the war.

      I am interested if there are any survivors or descendants of the above group, or anyone with any factual knowledge of Fukuoka 17, Omuta. I have read many books and webb sites, but please let me know what you may may know.

      John Powers - >Ron,

      I am trying to send you the roster of British deaths at Fukuoka 3-B. I think I may have sent everything in my files. I am new at this kind of thing.

      I will just type the list here.

British Deaths at Fukuoka 3-B


Archer, Horace F.

SS Lylepark

10 Jul 45

acute enteritis

Corradine, Frank

SS Patella

6 Jan 45

pulmonary tuberculosis

Doy, Leonard Charles


3 Jan 44

acute pneumonia

Goringe, Thomas Edward


13 Mar 45

acute enteritis, facial serpigo, appendicitis, ruptured peritonitis

Grout, Frederick William


8 Jan 44

 acute pneumonia

Henden, William Johan


25 Jan 44

bronchus pneumonia

Henkins, Francis David


7 Apr 45

fracture of basis cranium

Langton, James Willis

GNR (or GNP?)

24 Jan 45

pulmonary tuberculosis

Lowe, Stuart

SS Patella

22 Mar 44

acute pneumonia

See, James


23 Feb 44

chronic colitis

Sone, William


27 Apr 45

beri beri, chronic enteritis

Terry, Walter Patrick

COPL (Corporal?)

21 Feb 44

acute pneumonia

Whiteside, George William


27 Jan 45

paralysis of the heart


From Record Group 153, Box 1001

Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (US Army)





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