Janet - I wonder if anyone has any details on" Romeo ", I know Romeo was with the 2nd Cambs and got his nickname for all the obvious reasons, by all accounts my Dad said he was a real "lad" and a character and a half.

      Romeo was KIA the first time they were engaged in action in Singapore, has
      anyone else heard of this chap and does anyone have any idea what his real name was ?

      LONG SHOT I KNOW, but worth asking .

      khnglh - Pardon me but has anyone got the nominal roll fo the Cambs who served in Singapore and Malaya. Is Pte A.H.C Carter anywhere on the list ? Please advice thanks

      I'm currently in Singapore and would like to know where on earth HMS Sultan is Located.. Not even the locals know anything about it.

      David Langton - >Justin, I wrote to you privately, and now have some information for you,albeit small.
      Nominal Roll entry:
      P of W 15-2-42
      BT 13/4/42. Rob Hos 29/7/42. Camps 28/8/42
      Up Country 2-11-42

      geoduffy - >Justin, I am an American, and spent a few weeks in Singapore in mid-1944. Thus, I have an overall interest in what went on there.

      My guess is HMS SULTAN was the division or department or command at the Royal Navy's shipyard in Singapore that dealt with shipboard personnel. Sort of an employee pool so to say. If a ship needed a Stoker, or an Able Seaman, or a Cook, they had one and could fill an opening caused by illness or completion of an enlistment.

      I have found the names of men who worked on the railway with me on Sumatra, and who died there, to have been associated with HMS SULTAN and I never uncovered a ship by that name. Thus, my above conclusion.

      pkmorrell - >Justin, George is right regarding HMS SULTAN, it was a shore establishment. For some fascinating background information check out the following website:

      Good luck with your research Paul

      A little more information for you.

      Singapore shore base HMS SULTAN was commissioned in 1940, destroyed on surrender in 1942 but re-commissioned on re-occupation in 1945 and continued until 1947.

      There is a present day HMS SULTAN in Gosport? I think, I believe it is a Mechanical Engineering training establishment, could be worth e.mailing someone there as to the history. Try a "Google" search: HMS SULTAN.

      laridae65 - >khnglh, HMS SULTAN is now the Royal Navy training establishment for Marine and Aircraft Engineers. It is based in Gosport in Hampshire, UK. If you write to them, they should know the history of all ships bearing the name HMS SULTAN. The address to write to is The Captain,HMS SULTAN, MILITARY ROAD, GOSPORT, HANTS, UK. I am sorry, but I do not know the postcode.




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