Dainichi Maru

      pkmorrell - Could anyone help please, a bit of a long shot this one. I am trying to track down the origin of the ship Dainichi Maru, I believe she was built at Liverpool in 1900 but that is all I know. I am trying to discover what her original name/shipping line was(plus any other details) before the Japs bought her.

      Ron - Sorry I haven’t any more details on the ship but for those who would like to know about the Dainichi Maru, a short summery follows on the sinking.

      A five-ship convoy was sighted near midnight 7 October and Gurnard - SS-254 began her stalk, closing at 0139 on 8 October and sending to the bottom cargo ship Taiko Maru and passenger-cargo ship Dainichi Maru west of Luzon.

      Brett - I don't have any info.on said ship.All I know is that my Father spent 2 weeks on her on his Japanese guided tour of the Far East.

      Keith - From what little info I have, she was built in 1922, and at the time of her use as a Hellship was owned by the Itaya Shosen Company. Sorry, that's it.
      Brett, which voyage, she made several before being sunk by the by the Gurnard, 8/10/43.

      Brett - The journey from Singapore to Formosa--end Oct.--mid Nov. 1942.Brett

      lspab - My Grandfather sailed on this ship; I think it arrived in Formosa/Taiwan on 13th November 1942. He remembers this as it was Friday the 13th. He was Sydney F. Thompson, 23rd Field Co., RE, 18th Div.

      Brett - Intrigued by S.F Thomson--the only 23 Field Coy. I could find was Indian Engs. 11th Indian Div.Not 18th. Div.Couldn't find his name on Taiwan/Formosa list either.Someone put me right,if I'm wrong.Brett

      lspab - I suspect Grandad is mistaken on his company; he's allowed a few mistakes at 88 after all! I have since realised this unit is not included in the 18th Divn's order of battle so will investigate further.

      He joined up in '35, and was at Dunkirk, so his recollection might be referring to another unit he was in (he was at Dunkirk). If it helps, he apparently filled in bomb holes at one of the airfields on Singapore.

      As for not being listed on the Taiwan site; well I don't think this list is anywhere near comprehensive (I don't know how it was compiled, or from what sources), so I don't think there's any great mystery if you discover a name not on this list.

      Hamish - j.g.cormack@btinternet.com

       Does anyone have comment on the Dainichi Maru as being the Eskdale that was built in Glasgow by Connell and Co. in 1893 and was built for McKill of Glasgow.
      In 1912 she was sold to Japanese owner, Itaya Gomei Kaisha of Otaru and renamed Dainichi Maru. I believe that in 1931 she stranded off Omai Saki and became a total loss. Was she salvaged and put back into use again? Or is this a different ship with the same name?



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