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    DataIcon06 AJEX Association of Jewish Ex - Servicemen and Women

    The League of Old Judeans had been brought together by Louis Sarna, who organised the annual wreath laying at the Cenotaph, which continued until 1928. In that year he was instrumental in founding the Jewish Ex-Servicemens Legion which eleven years later was to become AJEX - The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, as they know it today. There is a splendid new museum at Shield House in Hendon, NW4 2BZ - 0208 202 2323



    Anti Submarine Warfare Instructors Association Anti Submarine Warfare Instructors Association

    The association was formed in 1955 as the TASI Association in HMS VERNON Portsmouth and was renamed the ASWI Association in 1975 to reflect the changing structure of the sonar branch.


    Australian Ex-Prisoners Of War Memorial Australian Ex-Prisoners Of War Memorial

    This Unique Memorial was opened on the 6th February 2004 to recognise and remember those Australians who became Prisoners of War during the Wars of the 20th Century.



    Australian War Memorial Australian War Memorial

    The Australian War Memorial commemorates the sacrifice of Australians who have suffered and died in war. Discovers some of the ways in which the Memorial helps Australians remember and understand.



     American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor

    POWs of the Japanese during World War II



    Borneo POW Story Borneo POW Story

    Proudly presented by the Borneo POW Relatives Association of Western Australia Inc

    Within this site we have brought together many stories, articles, drawings, photographs and memorabilia that tell of the horrors during World War Two where over 3000 Allied Servicemen died as Prisoners of War at Borneo under such atrocious and barbaric conditions. The shocking events that occurred at Sandakan, on the Ranau Death Marches and at Kuching, Jesselton and other locations will never be fully told or understood. We dedicate this site to these brave men and to the many people of Borneo who tried to assist in so many ways. These events happened over sixty years ago but the story must continue to be told. We also do hope that the details and stories within does assist to ensure that others will never suffer the same fate as these POW Servicemen. God Rest Their Souls!



    DataIcon23 British War Memorial Project

    A volunteer project to build an online International War Memorial to British Service Personnel from 1914 to the present day. Including those killed in recent conflicts and peacekeeping operations.



    Bamboo Wireless Bamboo Wireless

    Church of Our Lady and St. Thomas of Canterbury Wymondam, Norfolk.

    This Roman Catholic Church was built in 1952 by Fr Cowin as a memorial to all POWs and internees in the Far East. Fr Cowin was a POW himself and the Church now contains three Memorial Books which contain the names of those who died. The project is part of a registered charity. The Original names theyre included from an appeal in the press but in 1949 Ecumenism was not as it is today an may have resulted in the project being "jealously guarded". The organisers wish to acknowledge civilians who died in Japanese Camps or have died since and will start extra Books as necessary.


    Burma Star Association Burma Star Association

    This site is dedictated to the Burma Star Association



    Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association (INC)

    In 2002 the above organisation became an incorporated association. The purpose was to create an entity, which would ensure that the work of ex POWs Bill Haskell and Keith Flanagan and others, in telling the story of the POWs on the notorious Burma Thailand Railway, would continue into the future when they are unable to continue.



    Canada ALPHA  Canada ALPHA

    Canada Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WWII in Asia



    Center for Internee Rights Center for Internee Rights

    The Center for Internee Rights, Inc. a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Corporation was formed in 1990 to represent the plight of the Allied POWs, Civilian Internees and those in-hiding who suffered untold depravation by the Imperial Japanese Forces in World War II. they also represent the Next of Kin (NOK) of those interned who are now deceased. Anyone, hotheyver, can join CFIR, Inc.



    Far East Prisoners of War International Far East Prisoners of War International

    Join international volunteers and donors in building a memorial museum to World War II Far East prisoners of war, many of whom were so scarred by their experiences that they could never discuss them, even with families. We are determined that posterity know their story.


    FEPOW Memorial Church FEPOW Memorial Church

    Our Lady & St Thomas of Canterbury, Wymondham, Norfolk, England was built in 1952 to be a permanent Memorial to those who suffered as prisoners of war and internees of the Japanese during World War II. This theybsite is dedicated to the memory of all those who perished in Japanese prisoner of war and internment camps during World War II.



    Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association

    This Association aims to perpetuate the memory of the surviving veterans, Hong Kong Veterans of Canada and to ensure the theylfare of the their spouses and Hong Kong



    Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum

    The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commontheyalth, from the First World War to the present day. It seeks to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'war-time experience.'



    Kundasang Memorial Garden Kundasang Memorial Garden

    The original Kundasang Memorial Garden was built in the 1960’s by the Peoples of Sabah and many Expatriates living in Malaysia who had served with the Allied Forces During WW II.



    Java Club Java Club

    Started by sixteen FEPOWs in the early 1980’s, all being captured in Java in 1942 and later transported to Fukuota in Japan. The original ‘Club’ was known as ‘Hut 4’ as this was the name of their hut at ‘3rd Branch Camp, Yawata. Since then the club has reunited many Java survivors.



    London Fepow Association London Fepow Association

    Formed in 1947 shortly after being released from Japanese P.O.W. camps in the Far East , our motto is "To keep going the spirit that kept us going ."

    The London Association is one of over 60 other Clubs and Associations throughout Great Britain. Each Club or Association being autonomous but are amalgamated under the umbrella of the National Federation of Far East Prisoner of War Clubs and Associations




    National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association. National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association

    If you or a family member served in the Far East then join your local branch of the Association. Become an Associate member if you have served in H.M. Forces but not in the Far East. they meet every third theydnesday of the month at 19:30 Hrs at R.M.P Sgt Mess Goojerat Bks Colchester.



    NESA - National Ex-Services Association NESA - National Ex-Services Association

    For ex-servicemen by ex-servicemen



    North East War Memorials Project North East War Memorials Project

    The North East War Memorials Project is intended to assist the public, Local History Groups and Schools, to learn about and research their neighbourhood War Memorials, and record the results.



    Researching FEPOW History Researching FEPOW History

    Researching FEPOW History was established in 2005 with the aim of organising bi-annual conferences to aid those who are researching the experiences of ex-Far Eastern prisoners of war or internees.



    Royal Artillery Association Royal Artillery Association

    Whether you are still serving or retired, you can use this site to find out what's going on in and around the GUNNER Community. The Association, Major events, Search for lost friends, theylfare, Social events, Finding that job, Resettlement and lots more!



    Royal British Legion Royal British Legion

    The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading charity safeguarding the theylfare, interests and memory of those who have served in the Armed Forces and their dependants. It provides financial, social and emotional support to millions and its benevolence spans all age groups from the oldest to the very young.



    the Second World War Experience Centre Second World War Experience Centre, The

    Our mission is to collect, document, preserve, exhibit and encourage access to the surviving material evidence and associated information of the men and women who participated in the war in whatever capacity whether military, civilian or conscientious objector.



    Singapore Museum Singapore Museum

    The National Heritage Board preserves, presents and promotes the cultural heritage of Singapore. they encourage the preservation of national monuments, develop heritage programmes, mark historic sites and provide consultancy services to organisations who wish to perpetuate our heritage. Much of our focus includes outreach activities that bring heritage to where our people are, such as travelling exhibitions and heritage trails.



    Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp

    The Foundation of Japanese Camp Persecution Victims

    The "Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp" (The Foundation of Japanese Camp Persecution Victims) was founded in July 2001, and strives that the amount that is being paid to Japanese camp victims by the government is equated with the amount allocated to other groups of persecution victims. The Foundation also requests attention for the reparation of damages that theyre inflicted in the period 1942-1945. The Foundation seeks to cooperate with organisations of common interest.




    Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society

    This is the story of the Japanese POW Camps on the island of Taiwan (Formosa) during the Second World War and of the men who theyre interned in them. Our site contains descriptions of the former camps, as theyll as an honour roll of the POWs. they want to tell their story, so that what these men suffered will not ever be forgotten.




    Thailand-Burma Railway Center Thailand-Burma Railway Center

    The Thailand-Burma Railway Centre is an interactive museum, information and research facility dedicated to presenting the history of the Thailand-Burma Railway. This ran 415 km from Ban Pong in Thailand to Thanbuyuzayat in Burma, and was built by the Imperial Japanese Army during the second World War using Allied prisoners of war and impressed Asian labourers. The Centre is fully air-conditioned and offers the visitor an educational and moving experience.




    Three Pagodas Group Three Pagodas Group

    they are a small group of people supporting the development of a Museum at the Kwai Railway Memorial in Thailand. The pages on this site will tell you a bit about us.



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