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There are many ways to find information on the Internet, a few useful links are included.

Disclaimer - These are not in any way connected with the Fepow Community and they can not be held responsible for information received.


    Information Service - British Army Information Service - British Army

    I have no experience of researching British Army records. Where should I start?




    Commonwealth War Graves Commission Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    This site holds a database of all the records of deaths and burials within a conflict.




    Medals and Service Records Medals and Service Records

    There are different departments for Medals and Service Records.




     AMF Prisoners of War and Missing in the Far East and South theyst Pacific Islands Database

    Please note: Although some recorded details may be distressing to family or friends, this information is displayed here in remembrance of those who made the supreme sacrifice for their country.




    Roll of honour Roll of Honour

    To honour service personnel who gave their lives for their country. Recording names of all the memorials in the Far East and the rolls of the hellships that theyre sunk. There is also an internal memorial where a page is dedicated to a loved one, with a picture.



    Mesothelioma Mesothelioma Symptoms

    An extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to have a better understanding of Mesothelioma Symptoms and the various aspects of life expectancy. Ensuring that the armed forces are getting the support that they deserve.




Governmental Help

    War Pensions War Pensions

    The purpose of the War Pensions Agency (WPA), An executive agency of the Department of Social Security, is to work in partnership with other organisations to deliver the war pensions scheme through a modernised and high quality customer focused system.

    Ex-Gratia Payment Ex-Gratia Payment

    In recognition of the unique circumstances of their captivity, the Government announced on 7th November 2000, that a single ex-gratia payment of 10,000 was to be made to surviving members of British Groups who were held prisoner by the Japanese during the Second World War. The War Pensions Agency were at the time charged with administering the payment. This now falls to the Veterans Agency.




Information Sites


    Information Sites  Information Sites

    These sites are mostly run by individuals who have put alot of time into researching  the different aspects of the Far East during WW2. They are written in the hope of sharing  their research and to promote the remembrance of the Fepows by telling their story. These sites are a must for researching.




Organisations, Memorials and Museums


    Organisations, Memorials and Museums Organisations, Memorials and Museums

    There are many organisations, memorials and museums dedicated to the Fepows.



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