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The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun was started by myself a few years back, I do tend to add all new material to it.

This will be the base for The Fepow Story and will be used as a Site Plan. It has a good outline for adding new articles and it can be extended as input increases.


Site Plan

The following is a Site Plan of the contents of The Rising Sun plus important links

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* Operations Malaya Command is a Dispatch submitted by Leut.-General A.E.Percival. It is a very long document. It is now on in full.

Ron Taylor


Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw begin to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.

Any material  to add to the Fepow Story please send to:


and their story will live on.



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Please join the Fepow Community Group, as sharing knowledge will assist in the Fepow’s remembrance and also help others.


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