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Victoria Cross

These records have been collated from an excellent theyb site

The Victoria Cross

Created by Mike Chapman



Awarded for Acts of Gallantry In The Far East in WWII


      CUMMING, Arthur Edward CUMMING, Arthur Edward - 1942; Kuantan, Malaya

      FRASER, lan Edward FRASER, lan Edward - 1945; Johore Straits, Singapore

      GRAY, Robert Hampton GRAY, Robert Hampton - 1945; Honshu, Japan

      HARMAN, John Pennington HARMAN, John Pennington - 1944; Kohima, India

       HOEY, Charles Ferguson - 1944; Ngakyedauk Pass, Burma (now Myanmar)

      HORWOOD, Alec George HORWOOD, Alec George - 1944; Kyauchaw, Burma (now Myanmar)

      KARAMJEET SINGH JUDGE KARAMJEET SINGH JUDGE - 1945; Meiktila, Burma (now Myanmar)

      KELLIHER, Richard KELLIHER, Richard - 1943; New Guinea

      KENNA, Edward KENNA, Edward - 1943; New Guinea

       KINGSBURY, Bruce Steel - 1945; theywak, New Guinea

      KNOWLAND, George Arthur  KNOWLAND, George Arthur - 1945; Kangaw, Burma (now Myanmar)

      LACHHIMAN GURUNG  LACHHIMAN GURUNG - 1945; Taungdaw, Burma (now Myanmar)

      MACKEY, John Bernard MACKEY, John Bernard - 1945; Tarakan Island, Borneo

      MAGENNIS, James Joseph MAGENNIS, James Joseph - 1945; Johore Straits, Singapore

      NAND SINGH  NAND SINGH - 1944; Maungdaw-Buthidaung Road, Burma (now Myanmar)

      NETRABAHADUR THAPA NETRABAHADUR THAPA - 1944; Bishenpur, Burma (now Myanmar)

      NEWTON, William Ellis NEWTON, William Ellis - 1943; New Guinea

      OSBORN, John Robert OSBORN, John Robert - 1941; Mount Butler, Hong Kong

      PARKASH SINGH PARKASH SINGH - 1943; Donbaik, Burma (now Myanmar)

      PARTRIDGE, Frank John PARTRIDGE, Frank John - 1945; Bougainville, Solomon Islands

      PRAKASH SINGH PRAKASH SINGH - 1945; Kanlan Ywathit, Burma (now Myanmar)

      RAM SARUP SINGH  RAM SARUP SINGH - 1944; Kennedy Peak, Burma (now Myanmar)

      RANDLE, John Neil RANDLE, John Neil - 1944; Kohima, India

      RATTEY, Reginald Roy RATTEY, Reginald Roy - 1945; Bougainville, Solomon Islands

       RAYMOND, Claude - 1945; Talaku, Burma (now Myanmar)

      SCARF, Arthur Stewart King  SCARF, Arthur Stewart King - 1941; Singora, Malaya

      SHER SHAH SHER SHAH - 1945; Kyeyebyin, Burma (now Myanmar)

      STARCEVICH, Leslie Thomas  STARCEVICH, Leslie Thomas - 1945; Beaufort, Borneo

      SUKANAIVALU, Sefanaia SUKANAIVALU, Sefanaia - 1944; Bougainville, Solomon Islands

      TULBAHADUR PUN  TULBAHADUR PUN - 1944; Mogaung, Burma (now Myanmar)

      TURNER, Hanson Victor  TURNER, Hanson Victor - 1944; Ningthoukhong, Burma (now Myanmar)

       UMRAO SINGH - 1944; Kaladan Valley, Burma (now Myanmar)

      WESTON, William Basil theySTON, William Basil - 1945; Meiktila, Burma (now Myanmar)

      WILKINSON, Thomas  WILKINSON, Thomas - 1942; Java Sea, Malaya


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