Leggies for April

Sketch by J Chevallier


Food was every Fepow’s prime concern and achieving ‘Leggies’ was that little bit extra every Fepow craved for.

This is the little bit extra.

These are extracts are taken from the list and Message Board with Leggies added.



Anthea has told me ‘Leggies’ is a corruption of ‘Lagi’, a Malay/Indonesian word meaning ‘more’. As these words got translated they lost their original pronunciation, hence ‘Leggies’, this comes from my pop and Jack Symon both from the 18th Div. and Norfolk, is there a connection or is this the way we talk, “Propa Inglish frum us boys owt ere in Norfick”.

Don Peacock in his book the Emperor’s Guest, calls it the Leggi queue.

Hence: Lagi - Leggi - Leggies, it can now be seen how it evolved.

My interpretation of ‘Standing in a queue waiting for that Little bit Extra’ is very close to the Malay meaning of ‘More’ so I’ll leave it how my pop pronounced it, although technically it is wrong. There are so many mis-interpritations of names and words, looking at them and pronouncing them as written, does bring forth the true meaning.

A correction, Jack is a ‘Jock’ but he lives in Norfolk and has since before WW2. He came here as a cooper (barrel maker) with the fishing industry and met his Yarmouth bride Carol and has stayed here since. Try his book ‘Hell in Five’ with his permission the full book is on the net, he’s a great character and a gentleman.

Another correction, thanks to Michael, is the ‘Pack of Cards’ bridge was past Hintock going north and not at Tamarkan as I said.

Some of the topics have grown in length, these have now on seperate pages. If a topic carries into the next month, I will add it as continued to the bottom of the main menu.


Scene which greeted the Wakefield

Private 5776807 - “The Wakefield was the first of our convoy to reach the safety of Keppel Harbour, Singapore on the 29th January 1942. Ships were ablaze in the harbour, clouds of smoke drifted acrossed the sky and the smell of fumes was overpowering, this was not the best of greetings. We did not know it at this time but the Japs had taken most of Malaya in the last three weeks and were only thirty miles away.”


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