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It is always satisfying to win an award


Honorary Life Member

This certificate was presented to Ron Taylor on the 24th March 2001, in recognition of his tremendous achievement in designing and maintaining the COFEPOW theyb site and for his constant help and support in preserving the memory of the Far East Prisoners of War.

Duly awarded by the six Trustees of COFEPOW


Grunts Award

You have a really great site! I am pleased to award you with Grunt's theyb Award -Grunts


You have done a great justice to all the former , and present POW'S of WWII. My dad would have been so pleased that there are people like yourself and others who are carrying the memory,and truth on.

I am very honored to give you my highest award of excellence. You have done an excellent job on your site.



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Britain at War

Honorary Life Member

Honorary Life Member




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