Leggies November

Sketch by J Chevallier


Food was every Fepow’s prime concern and achieving ‘Leggies’ was that little bit extra every Fepow craved for.

This is the little bit extra.

These are extracts are taken from the list and Message Board with Leggies added.




Please use headings which explain the topic covered, or look back and add to a topic already used, this helps considerably in collating the pages.

Some of the topics last month were very long and required splitting like ‘Repatriation and Consequences’, this was split into two topics, ‘Treatment and Consequences’ and ‘Repatriation’.

The ‘Book’ and ‘Web Sites’ folders will be added each month.


If a topic carries into the next month, it will be added as ‘Continued’ to the bottom of the main menu.




There has been increasing problems with the running of the Fepow List as an open forum lately.

As it is an open forum it leaves itself open for anyone to join and send in sometimes unwanted mail, also attempts have been made to send a virus.

The Fepow List has proved to be a great way to share information with others over the last few years, It is with regret that due to certain circumstances it has now been discontinued.
The Fepow Message Board will continue in its present format with the object of helping those researching.

Please share information on the Message Board and treat it like an open forum.
Every piece of the jigsaw helps others understand why, how, and where our loved ones spent their time as Japanese POW's.

Every page of the Monthly Revue now contains a feedback form, this can be used to ask for or supply information for the Monthly Revue pages. The feedback will be added as soon as possible to the relevant subject page.

The contents of the Feedback Form can then be Moderated at the Fepow Community Mail Server, I hope you enjoy this latest addition to researching the Fepow Story.




Fepow Group

Why not share information with others using the Fepow Group

The old Fepow list served it’s purpose for two years, but as with anything nowadays, time moves on.

The Fepow Group, users Yahoo as its server and from experience in using the Royal Navy Group list, it is very easy to use.

There is a facility of talking live to others in the Chat Room, this can be Live Voice Chat if you have a microphone attached to your computer. Listen to others and you might find you would like to participate, sharing stories and helping others.


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The Monthly Revue now covers over 150 pages, a search box has been added to help search for a topic.

This search can also be directed at the Fepow Community or London Gazette, selecting one of these limits the topic searched to that particular area of the site.

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Sharing Information


Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw start to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.


The questions and answers from the emails sent in and the Message Board will be collated, any Leggies, including pictures or further information please send to:



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