Leggies for June

Sketch by J Chevallier


Food was every Fepow’s prime concern and achieving ‘Leggies’ was that little bit extra every Fepow craved for.

This is the little bit extra.

These are extracts are taken from the list and Message Board with Leggies added.




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Sinking of the Lisbon Maru

2nd October 1942

Drawn in Kobe, by W.C. Johnson


Time has dimmed the memories of things that have happened in the last sixty years but the tragedy of the Lisbon Maru, nearly sixty years ago is etched indelibly in many minds.

This remarkable picture was sent in by Reg Shore, he says it still brings on nightmares thinking about that fateful day of October 2nd 1942, when the Lisbon Maru went down.


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